Precept studio in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Our culture influences both how we work together as a team and with our clients. 

Our vision then, “To provide strategic and integrated brand solutions for our clients to help them build their business” and that really hasn’t changed. In our formative years we focused on building the foundations for what we are today, refining our process and methodology around brand strategy, brand development and implementation. At the turn of 2014, we added technical expertise to the team to design and develop websites and apps in-house. As a consequence, expanding our service offering and over the next few years becoming (although small), a well respected and established agency in the North.

In 2016 off the back of a big client win, we opened our London office and now over 40% of our clients are based in the South and internationally. But it was 2018, that was a real transformative year for us. We’ve always evolved with the changing market and embraced emerging technology. But we became increasingly self aware of the power of our approach and felt the agency model was holding us back. So we pivoted with great success - ditching the agency model and becoming a Brand Performance business and a true partner to our clients. Reducing their risk and providing them with the best chance of RoI for their marketing spend.

The result? Growing our customer base, launching Brand Society and creating huge bottom line impact for a clients - picking up a few awards in the process! It also meant us doubling the size of our team in 12 months with the development of our digital marketing and content teams to complete our full service offering. And we’re very excited and looking forward to our tenth year as we move into 2020.

Founder & Managing Director

Nick Johnson


James Ealey

Digital Director

Vince Moran

Client Services Director

Claire Armstrong

Creative Director

Adam Burn

Technical Director

Paul Gardner

Senior Designer

Mark Harrison

Content Manager

Natasha Kapur


Lee O'Driscoll


Jess Draper

Account Director

Allan Smith

Digital Marketing Manager

Laura Spring

Content Executive

Jodie Simpson

Digital Marketing Executive

Ashley Pike

Office & Events Manager

Sam Booth

Project Manager

Emma Jago

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