Hannah becomes an Associate Lecturer at Northumbria

We've got an exciting announcement to make! Our brand manager, Hannah has recently become an associate lecturer at Northumbria University. Joining the Fashion Communications team, Hannah is teaching on the Audience and Brand Experience module. Working with second year students, Hannah will help to develop their understanding of brand. Sharing industry insight, she'll help explore the theory and practice of developing a brand. As well as how to identify and market to specific customer groups, using her experience.

We're excited to build our relationship with Northumbria University and provide our expertise. Over the years we've worked with a range of clients from start ups and SMEs to large scale organisations. So it's exciting for us to take the step towards education. Hannah will give students a unique insight into life within a branding agency in Newcastle. And of course highlighting the importance of developing a strong and consistent brand.

Written by:

Scott Rowland MIoD

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