Website Digital Audit by Precept
What We'll Cover

Reviewing the information you’ve provided, alongside website tests and our own experience and expertise, we’ll help you understand where your website is performing well and where there’s room to improve, across the following areas:

UX & UI Analysis as part of a Website Audit
Is your website easy to navigate?

UX & UI Analysis

We’ll review your current websites’ user interface and experience while providing tips on how it could be improved with your end user in mind.

  • Is your website difficult to navigate due to its structure?
  • Are there barriers stopping users achieving their goals?
  • Actionable insights provided to improve performance
A Technical SEO Health Check  as part of a Website Audit
How does your website perform in Google?

Technical SEO Health Check

A technical audit process which will inform SEO.

  • Learn how accessible your website is to search engines
  • Discover the characteristics of your website’s pages that influence search engine rankings
  • Understand some key external ranking factors
An SEO Benchmark Report as part of a Website Audit
How does your website fair against your competition?

SEO Benchmark Report

Used to establish a base value to measure website performance. 

  • Learn more about the value your website has created
  • Understand the websites that link to you and the influence they have on your websites value
  • Compare yourself against key competitors
How it works

Once the website audit is ready, we’ll invite you to an online video call to present your audit. Our team will take the time to make sure you understand what’s good and bad, and most importantly how to move your website forward.

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We can help get your business in a better position with a free website audit.

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The digital audit session was amazing…it felt like therapy! For us it was important to find a partner, a business that we could have a relationship with - after all, people buy from people, right? Craig Hawkes - Kaleidoscope CFA

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