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In our post on Monograms and Ciphers, we looked at how brand marks can establish authority. So we thought this would be a good opportunity to look back at how influential brand marks can be.

When people talk about their brand, usually it's the visual parts they refer to. Like their logo, colour palette or what typefaces they use. Branding has always been a term that's associated with the visual elements of a company. In our post on the importance of brand strategy we looked at why branding is more than just aesthetics.

But that's not to say that the visual elements aren't important. Actually, your brand mark, or your logo can be one of the key elements which influence how you are perceived.

Modern Heraldry: Seals, Stamps, Crests & Shields
Precept featured in Modern Heraldry

Types of Brand Mark (Logo)

You might be using a logotype, which is a single piece of type that uses your brand name to make a logo.

Or your brand could be using a symbol or unique brand mark.

Your logo can be a mark of quality, establishing your history or heritage. Seals, stamps, crests or shields can make a brand feel dependable. 

They add a sense of weight to a brand, giving them a sense of authenticity. Their wealth of history gives even new brands a more established feel. And their timeless quality can create a confident aesthetic that builds trust.

Whether it's simple or more complex, your brand mark or logotype sets the tone for your brand. That's important because it affects how your customers relate to your brand.

As consumers we anthropomorphise brands, meaning we give them human qualities that we can relate to. We naturally form relationships with brands and their distinct personalities.

So when we think of big brands like Apple we think of innovation and leadership. 

When we look at brands like Innocent we think of honest and caring.

With brands like Burberry and Barbour, we think of craftsmanship and British heritage.


What Does Your Brand Mark (Logo) Say About You?

Although it might only form a small part of your brand's overall identity, your brand mark is important. And it's important to consider what impression it gives people of your company and whether it establishes your authority or builds trust.

Is it giving people the right perception of your business? 

Will it help you build a strong brand and lasting relationships with your customers?

Sometimes as a company evolves, it's easy for your branding to start feeling a little tired.

As brands mature it's common for them to undergo a refresh to bring their branding more in line with their ethos. Even just a subtle refresh can make all the difference and help to make sure a brand is perceived in the right way. 

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