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When it comes to your brand identity, your logo and brand mark are the most universal elements. From all the visual aspects of your brand, these have a unique importance. They're a mark of ownership and assertion.

And a powerful logo or mark can stand alone but be instantly recognisable. They can be abstract marks or symbols. Or they can be literal like logotypes or monograms. Recently, we've been lucky enough to have some of the monograms we have created for clients published in the book Monogram Logo by Counter-Print. So we thought it was a good time to share some of our work. As well as explaining how despite being an ancient form of branding, monograms can still be powerful.

Although brand is a buzz word right now, the concept of branding is ancient. Monograms and ciphers are some of the oldest forms of branding, found on coins dating back to Ancient Greece. A Monogram being a mark made from two or more letters, where one letter is part of another. Ciphers contain two or more interlaced letters, which are not dependent on each other.

Imperial Hotel logo
Majestic Hotel logo

Monograms and Ciphers

With their wealth of heritage, monograms and ciphers have a lot of prestige. They are usually associated with high quality products. And their association with quality can make brands feel more established. The monograms for the The Imperial Hotel and its sister hotel The Majestic portray quality and prestige. Having undergone a £1 million+ refurb they needed a classic brand with a modern twist.

Alex Telfer Monogram
Alex Telfer Monogram

We created Alex Telfer's distinct monogram to reflect his meticulous approach to his photography. Its design is simple and elegant, reflecting the high quality of his work. Styled with a subtle suggestion of Alex's vision realised through a camera lens. And created as an embossed stamp, it acts as a seal of approval or sign off on his work.

RASKL Brand Mark
Vintage Butterfly logo

Monograms often have a quite personal feel, almost like a signature. They don't always have to denote heritage. They can be used to show craftsmanship. For Raskl, a design studio who make bespoke furniture, we wanted to create a mark as unique as their commissions. It needed to reflect their commitment to their trade and the quality of their hand crafted work. So we created more of a minimal, artisan mark to reflect their aesthetic.

Vintage Butterfly, are a vintage furniture specialist. They offer commissioned work but their focus is on restoring and revitalising vintage pieces. Using the letters V and B from their name, we created a modern butterfly monogram with a vintage twist. And since it's a literal representation of their name, it's strong enough to sit alone.

Does your brand have a Monogram? Do you provide a high quality, even artisan service? Or is your company steeped in history and heritage but not quite communicating that to your customers. Why not consider this timeless branding technique? A monogram can be your own mark of quality, ownership and assertion to your brand assets.

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