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Fat Hippo, a Good Kind of Gluttony

Introducing Fat Hippo's good kind of gluttony

Fat Hippo Logo

Giving structure to an expanding family

The Fat Hippo is a well known Newcastle based burger joint. From their first restaurant in Jesmond, the group have built a cult following. Given their popularity, it made sense for them to open a new restaurant. But after creating a new brand, Fat Hippo Underground, they realised their group needed a brand itself. With plans for expansion, they needed a more distinct parent brand for the group.

They needed a hierarchy for the parent brand and its restaurants. And to create consistency across the brand, they needed guidelines. As well as a new website to house their expanding group of restaurants.

Fat Hippo, Brand Architecture
Fat Hippo Brand Mark
A customer enjoying a burger at Fat Hippo
Fat Hippo, Brand Guidelines
The Approach

The brand strategy behind the burger

To create a stronger sense of purpose, we went back to The Fat Hippo's brand strategy. We looked at why the brand had started out in the first place, and what the restaurant stood for. The Fat Hippo specialise in the 'good kind of gluttony', serving up delicious gourmet burgers.

Based on which, we created a set of characteristics, brand differentiators and a brand story to underpin the new brand identity. Working closely with the Fat Hippo team, we helped plan and art direct photography for use on the website as well as create photography guidelines to maintain a consistent brand experience. We also helped to strengthen Fat Hippo's online presence by creating the brand's tone of voice.

A selection of Fat Hippo burgers
Fat Hippo burger
Fat Hippo burger and fries
The Solution

Brand architecture for a consistent burger brand

With the new brand hierarchy, we designed and developed a new responsive website. This helped to reinforce the group brand for the Fat Hippo. By determining the Fat Hippo brand structure and hierarchy, we then created a unique brand identity for each restaurant to set them apart and give each a personality of their own - whilst retaining an element of consistency across the group.

The Fat Hippo website on a mobile device
The Fat Hippo website on a mobile device
The Fat Hippo website
Precept haven’t just designed us a website, they’ve become part of the Fat Hippo family Mike Phillips | Fat Hippo

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