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Increase in booking revenue


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Euro Hostel Mobile Website Design and Development

Managing Crisis and Increasing Revenue

Euro Hostel brings choice, comfort and character to the traditional hostel experience at affordable prices in some of the best cities in the U.K. Having only refreshed their website 12 months earlier, their daily average booking value was dropping significantly. Euro Hostel approached us to support them with their digital presence, which included their website and online content and tasked us with increasing direct bookings.


Forming a Brand Performance Strategy

Our detailed digital audit allowed us to understand onsite issues created by the exisiting poor user expereince. Issues related to a slow website loading speed and website layout, however, the most significant issue being a multitude of third-party plugins acting as barriers for customers throughout the booking process. Competitor research revealed that 67% of young travellers chose to book their accommodation via an Online Travel Agency (OTA) rather than direct (via New Horizons). The same research concluded that about 46% of young travellers booked their accommodation via an OTA in 2017, up from 31% in 2012. We identified the challenge of halting the growth of bookings via OTAs early in the process. 

As part of the Brand Performance Strategy, we agreed on a range of short, medium and long terms goals and a set of KPIs to measure as part of an ongoing partnership.

Euro Hostel target market using their booking optimised website on mobile

Direct Integration with GuestCentrix

With our target audiences in mind, we approached Euro Hostel’s website from a mobile-first perspective. The ability to search for a bed, room, and suite takes centre stage on their new website, enabling their customers to find accommodation options quickly and efficiently in each city. We integrated with Euro Hostel’s hospitality software provider, GuestCentrix, to improve and simplify the booking process, reducing the number of steps to check out. As a part of simplifying the booking process, we helped distinguish accommodation types, making it easier for Euro Hostel’s customers to identify beds, rooms and suites. 

We also replaced their previous room management system with a direct integration with the GuestCentrix booking engine, which provided greater control, while ensuring a smoother booking experience for customers. 

Euro Hostel Booking Process Mobile
The entire booking process was well thought-out and allows Euro Hostel’s customers to search availability, view rates and process their booking efficiently. Brian Manning - Managing Director, GuestCentrix
Articles for the Euro Hostel Website
Content for the Euro Hostel Website
Championing the Cities

SEO Strategy with Optimised Landing Pages

Incorporating a well-defined SEO strategy, each hostel showcased its individuality using specific landing pages for each location, including accommodation, places of interest and each hostel’s very own bar.

Supporting optimised location landing pages are a series of ‘power pages’. Each power page is a comprehensive definitive guide to a particular topic. In the case of Euro Hostel, we wanted to appear high in the search engine ranking for school group accommodation. Identifying security, education, cost, available facilities and location as key considerations for the end user, we completed a stage of research before creating a highly optimised page of content. Prior to launch, Euro Hostel didn’t appear in the top 100 Google search results. Within weeks, significant progress had been made. At time of writing, the School Group Accommodation Definitive Guide had reached the following rankings in Google (UK):

  • school group accommodation: 4
  • school group accommodation glasgow: 1
  • school group accommodation edinburgh: 4

With a considered content marketing plan, we implemented ongoing communications and digital activity, with integrated services and support. Our research indicates that millennials travel to immerse themselves in local culture, so content is created that gives guests a true taste of their surroundings. Ongoing blog content creation around each city aims to encourage customers to engage through social platforms and help increase bookings.

Euro Hostel Room Cards Mobile
Analysing an Existing PPC Campaign

Implementing a PPC Strategy

Analysing existing PPC campaigns revealed areas where improvements could be made. Campaigns were guilty of unnecessary spend on clicks that weren’t bringing the right audience to the Euro Hostel website. The bidding strategy on keywords was poor, spreading the budget thinly across a large amount of key phrases rather than concentrating on phrases that were generating a good return.

Opportunities to maximise the budget were implemented. Profitable periods were quickly identified, in particular patterns where users were searching for hostels, with bid adjustments used to increase clicks and conversions.

Measuring Success

Driving Business Growth Through Brand Performance

The Euro Hostel website showcases every aspect of the hostels in a way that potential customers can understand, navigate and easily book across all platforms. The result to date is a mobile-friendly website, integrated with the GuestCentrix API, with improved performance.

The Brand Performance strategy implemented has seen substantial business growth. Using Google Analytics for the 7 month time period following the launch of the new website, comparing year on year figures, improvements in performance have been identified:

  • Transactions (Direct Bookings via Organic): +7%
  • Bounce Rate: -4.6%
  • Number of Sessions per User: +7%

For PPC:

  • Number of Bookings: +260%
  • Conversion Value: +311%
  • Click Through Rate: +119%
  • Average Cost per Click: -46%
  • Cost per Conversion: -63%

More recently, GuestCentrix have recommended current and potential clients to take a look at the Euro Hostel website as an example of best practice.

Our markets are very diverse and it’s imperative that each market can understand what Euro Hostel has to offer them. Our website now meets those needs which reflects the offering of our super-budget accommodation. William McClelland - Managing Director, Euro Hostel

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