Relaunching the original icon

The White T-Shirt Co.

The White T-Shirt Co are an ethical and environmentally friendly clothing designer and manufacturer. Having ceased trading in 2010, they decided to relaunch two years later. Re-entering the marketplace, they found their number of competitors had increased. They needed to strengthen their brand and revisit their strategy. Having always attracted older consumers, they realised they needed to target a wider audience. They also needed a new website to help them market their products effectively.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Website Design
  • Printed Literature & Packaging

Made with sustainability in mind

To set The White T-Shirt Co apart from their competitors, we went back to basics to create their brand strategy. We looked at the ethos behind their brand and how to define a clear purpose. That was, to create the perfect t-shirt without compromise to style, quality or ethics. Once defined, this informed the minimal, almost unbranded aesthetic of their visual style. By doing so, we made sure that the brand's values were an inherent part of their identity.

An identity inspired by an ethos

With their refreshed visual style, we designed and developed a minimalistic site. This complemented the unbranded aesthetic we had created. It also allowed The White T-Shirt Co to appeal to a broader market. By keeping the design clean, the site reflected the simpleness of the t-shirts themselves. Likewise we incorporated the brand's strong ethos and environmental and ethic beliefs. This allowed customers to follow the journey of the t-shirts themselves. In keeping with the brand's ethos, we also designed stationary and packaging made from recycled material.