Introducing the good kind of gluttony

The Fat Hippo

The Fat Hippo is a well known Newcastle based burger joint. From their first restaurant in Jesmond, the group have built a cult following. Given their popularity, it made sense for them to open a new restaurant. But after creating a new brand, Fat Hippo Underground, they realised their group needed a brand itself. With plans for expansion, they needed a more distinct parent brand for the group. They needed a hierarchy for the parent brand and its restaurants. And to create consistency across the brand, they needed guidelines. As well as a new website to house their expanding group of restaurants.

  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media

It's all about the burgers

To create a stronger sense of purpose, we went back to The Fat Hippo's brand strategy. We looked at why the brand had started out in the first place, and what the restaurant stood for. The Fat Hippo do the 'good kind of gluttony', serving up delicious gourmet burgers. With the focus being on the burgers, we created an umbrella brand for the group. This let the restaurants have their own distinct personalities. But with an element of consistency across the group, they still all felt part of something.

A website that makes your mouth water

With the new brand hierarchy, we designed and developed a new responsive website. This helped to reinforce the group brand for the Fat Hippo. As a burger joint, photography is an important part of the brand identity. Working closely with the Fat Hippo team, we help plan and art direct photography. This ensures each image is consistent and on brand.

Building the brand across social media

Due to its popularity, Fat Hippo already had an established social media presence. We helped to strengthen this by creating consistency across the brand's tone of voice. We also improved quality of the photography they shared, and the frequency of posting. On an ongoing basis, we provide support and advice with marketing for staff. We also provide brand management for all of Fat Hippo's communication. This helps ensure that their brand communication is effective and on brand. With our help, Fat Hippo will soon be launching an online booking system. We've also created a unique club called Burger Lovers, set to launch soon