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Google performs over 2 trillion searches per year, that’s over 3.8 million searches per minute. That’s an incredible amount of searches, making the competition for the top organic search results intense.

There are over 200 ranking factors Google uses as part of their search algorithm. Factors include trust, authority, user-interaction and social signals. That same algorithm is constantly changing with the sole aim to provide the user with the best possible set of search results for their query. Positive and negative signals are evaluated by Google and use across their index to rank sites accordingly.

At Precept, we understand the challenges involved with SEO (search engine optimisation). We concentrate on a long-term SEO strategy, optimising your offering to improve organic search results, providing more quality website traffic and lead generation.

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Working with Us

Working as your digital partner, we’ll deliver results with full transparency. We follow a simple process to get you ranked higher in Google, starting with an SEO Audit covering:

  • Accessibility - Discovering if your website is allowing Google to access your information
  • Indexibility - Determining what pages are available in Google
  • On Page - Identifying characteristics of your site’s pages
  • Off Page - Researching what others are saying about you

Once the SEO Audit is complete, we’ll produce a digital strategy;  an action plan of technical and structural tasks, which includes:

  • Conducting keyword research for phrases your audience are searching for
  • Producing regular fresh and engaging content that users will read
  • Creating and performing a link building strategy to drive quality traffic
  • Implementing website updates to make your visitors take action, increasing conversion rates
  • Implementing social media campaigns to improve social signals

If you’d like to discuss an SEO audit, then please contact us on (0191) 6030033 or email